Welcome home.


Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Hannah, and I just bought a house with my husband, Brandon (aka the Husbeef). I work for a biker magazine, he works for a medical insurance company.

Q: when was your house built?
A: 1921! It’s 96 years old. It’s so old it has a coal room and you can see where the shoot originally was.

Q: Ghosts?
A: Ghosts.

Q: What is the War on Spiders? Does it ever end?
A: The War on Spiders is our efforts to reclaim our house from the arachnids who took up residence and got huge while it sat empty. The war on spiders only ends when we are drafted into the skeleton war. Or when we sell the house. Whichever comes first.

Q: Why start a blog about your house and life?
A: As a millennial, I never thought owning a home would be possible. But, here we are. And it was much easier than expected. I want to show and help people on a budget it’s possible to get out of shitty apartments, and into a shitty home! And make that home less shitty. Gotta do something, right?

More coming soon.

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